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Welcome to Vista’s Employment Law video library. Here’s our suite of videos which include; employment law advice for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

Suspension – Frequently asked questions


TUPE Transfers: Will TUPE apply when I win a new contract?

TUPE Transfers: What are the key considerations for the Transferee?

TUPE Transfers: What are the key considerations for the Transferor?

The Top 3 Questions we Always get Asked About: Employment Tribunals

Abi, our Director of Litigation answers your top questions about the employment tribunal.


How to Win an Employment Tribunal

Let’s face it, no employer wants to lose an employment tribunal. Abi Alemoru, Director of Litigation at Vista spends 2 minutes taking employers through the key ways to get a positive outcome in the employment tribunal.

Settlement Agreements – What Employers Need to Know

Employment settlement agreements are useful tools to settle disputes quickly and bring a welcome finality to an often-uncomfortable situation for HR teams.  Claire Rosney, Senior Employment Lawyer at Vista takes us through some of the key questions employers have when they are considering settling a case.

Redundancy Advice for Employers: The Top Five Questions We Always Get Asked

Vista’s employment lawyers provide redundancy advice to our clients regularly, so, we spent an afternoon on the sofa with Tim Cross, Vista’s Director of Employment and Legal Affairs, and asked him the top five redundancy questions which always come our way. He answers them below:

Section 188: When Does the Obligation to Collectively Consult Apply?

Tim Cross, Vista’s Director of Employment and Legal Affairs talks us through when Section 188 applies.

How to Prepare for an Employment Tribunal

Employment tribunal claims have risen by 90% since the abolition of employment tribunal fees in July 2017. The rise has led to a new ‘frequently asked question’ here at Vista; how to prepare for an employment tribunal from a witness’s perspective?

We got together with Darren Maw, MD of Vista (called to the bar in 2000) and Abayomi Alemoru who has over twenty-five years’ experience of Employment Tribunal advocacy, and asked them how a witness prepares for a tribunal.

Here’s their guide:

Do you have to enhance Shared Parental Pay?

The case of Hextall vs Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police has raised serious questions around enhanced maternity pay, and shared parental pay. In this video Darren asks Karnis all there is to know about the ruling.

Managing Football Fans During the World Cup

On the horizon of World Cup season, rather than focussing on the football we look at how HR professionals can manage their football fans during the tournament.

GDPR for HR: 3 Things Employers Need to Know

Karnis and Tim discuss three GDPR tasks that need to be top of HR’s agenda before 25th May 2018.

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