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A Simple Feedback Technique: Tips for your Managers

When your managers are giving feedback, positive or negative, how do they know that they are ‘doing the right thing’?

When we receive negative feedback, our unconscious brain kicks in and can trigger memories of being told off as a kid. We can also respond negatively to positive feedback, when it challenges our own self-beliefs. And when it comes to giving employee feedback – that’s a whole different ball game.

This technique is a staple in our ‘Practical People Management’ programme and is always popular. A delegate once told us that it got his teenager off his X-Box, so it must work!

The key to it is that the name is memorable – few will forget being told to make their feedback WHIFF – but also that it’s straightforward to use too.

Watch the video below to learn the technique. Or, you can read more about making employee feedback memorable here.

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