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Mock Employment Tribunal Leeds

Have you ever been to an employment tribunal? Do you find the prospect daunting?

The tribunal still remains a mysterious and intimidating prospect for many employers. Alongside the formal preparation and the intense cross examination on the horizon, a helping hand wouldn’t go amiss. Let us help!

Vista is running a FREE of charge mock employment tribunal on Thursday 4th October 2018. 

The event will help you experience first-hand the employment tribunal process, the issues that could arise during a case and how an employment tribunal may deal with them. This event is one of seven taking place around the country, so if its not local, there is one that is!

Details of the Case
Imagine you are Jackie Potts, a long-standing employee at the head office of a widget manufacturer aggrieved that your new manager, Howard Highwater is trying to make changes when he knows nothing about the Company, nothing about the team and certainly nothing about you. After 17 years’ service, he sends you to archive ‘because you are best suited for that kind of job’.

What would you do if you were the employer? Howard is new to the role and appears to respect Jackie’s expertise, but you can see he wants to shake things up and make improvements for the better. Jackie is being difficult and obstructive, but Howard said he certainly hasn’t singled her out because of her age…or has he?

Our mock tribunal will see attendees split into three groups – will you be Team Claimant? Team Respondent or Team Employment Judge?

You will have the opportunity to explore this real-life case with your team before all coming together to watch the witnesses give evidence and be cross examined by the Vista team of employment lawyers.

Team Employment Judge, with your help, will make a decision on the evidence – has there been direct discrimination and/or harassment on the grounds of Jackie’s age? You decide!

The session is a fantastic opportunity for all those who may have to attend an employment tribunal to develop your knowledge. It will give a real insight into how decisions are made and how actions taken can very easily become key features of a tribunal hearing.

Come and join us and see for yourselves!

07.30 Registration and Networking

08.00 Welcome Introduction

08.10 Tribunal in session

09.30 Refreshment break & Discussion of the case

10.00 Judgement & Debrief

10.45 Close

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Oct 04 2018

07:30 - 11:00



Leeds City Museum, Cookridge Street
Leeds, LS2 8BH United Kingdom

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