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Planning a collective redundancy consultation exercise: A Masterclass for HR

This 3-hour practical, participative digital workshop will make sense of the legal complexities of managing a redundancy situation when collective consultation is required. We will look at the legal framework from the perspective of making the law work for us, examining how the law plays its part in an effective, well run and sensitively-handled change programme.

A 3-hour workshop for up to 10 HR professionals.  Cost is £49 plus VAT per head.


By attending the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify with confidence when the collective redundancy consultation obligations are triggered – and plan programmes when they do not.
  • Describe the likely time frame of a redundancy programme involving collective consultation
  • Identify who will be involved in collective consultation and what is involved in electing representatives
  • Identify the information to be supplied as part of the process
  • Walk through the consultation process – what needs to be covered, and how
  • Predict with confidence when your organisation can say the collective consultation phase has been completed.

The programme for the workshop:

When do organisations need to collectively consult?

  • What is a ‘redundancy situation’?
  • What size of programme triggers the obligation
  • What if we’re making lots of changes as part of a rolling plan
  • We’re inviting voluntary change: What do we need to think about?
  • What are the consequences if we get this wrong?

With whom do we need to consult?

  • The role of recognised unions and employee forums
  • Electing representatives

What is consultation, and about what must we consult?

  • Providing information
  • The topics for consultation
  • What is ‘consultation’: managing expectations
  • Planning the process and managing the stakeholders
  • When can we say the collective consultation phase is complete?
  • The next steps beyond collective consultation.
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Sep 17 2020

14:00 - 17:00



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