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Virtual Mock Employment Tribunal

Experience the thrills and spills of the virtual employment tribunal, in a learning environment.

Have you ever been to a virtual employment tribunal? Do you find the prospect daunting?

We’ve spent the last year advocating in the virtual tribunal for our clients, and we’ve gathered our experiences together to share with you all at this event. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with our advocates, to gain a real insight into:

  • How a remote hearing is run
  • How decisions are made
  • How actions taken can very easily become key features of a tribunal hearing.
An introduction to the case

Imagine you are Agnes Trzaskowska, a new sales manager aggrieved that your line manager and company sales director, James Fletcher has assigned your duties based on your nationality and made comments about your ‘Polish power outfits’.

From starting her new role in April 2020, these perceived stereotypes along with a whole heap of assumptions about Agnes’s nationality reared their head on more than a few occasions, leading her to feel like she had no other option than to resign. What would you do if you were Agnes’s employer?

At this Mock Tribunal, you will have the opportunity to explore this case before watching the witnesses give evidence and be cross examined by the Vista team of employment lawyers.

With your help, the Judge will make a decision based on the evidence – has there been direct discrimination and/or harassment on the grounds of Agnes’s race?

Come and join us and see for yourselves!

Who should attend?

Designed for HR professionals who may be dealing with a case scheduled for a remote hearing, this event will help you to:

  • Experience first-hand what a tribunal hearing will look like when run remotely
  • See cross examination ‘in action’ in a race discrimination case with a twist!

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Nov 23 2021

10:00 - 12:30