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Does the present situation or new furlough arrangements avoid the need to collectively consult?
Collective consultation

Guidance on Collective Consultation (COVID19)

In this extraordinarily challenging period, most employers are having to consider what changes they need to make to protect the business and to keep going (e.g. pay cuts; reduction in working hours; imposing lay-offs). Whilst such changes may need to be made as a matter of urgency to save the business, the law nonetheless requires…

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COVID 19 Industrial Relations

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Derecognising a Trade Union

We’re often asked by clients whether they can derecognise a trade union, when can it be done and what are the implications of derecognition. Here’s the lowdown: Firstly, what’s important to remember is that a good and healthy trade union relationship can be a real asset to a business. We are great believers in managing…

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Trade Union Relationships

How to Work Effectively with Trade Unions

A healthy trade union relationship is an asset to a business, although navigating the pathway towards achieving it can be complicated. How can organisations work effectively with their trade unions and improve industrial relations throughout the business? Managing expectations When a collective agreement has been drafted in the 60’s or 70’s, its content can often…

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Industrial Relations

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