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Welcome Back to Work

The return to work interview can feel like you are asking the obvious, and being intrusive. Have you ever thought it might be the form that you use? This video turns the return to work form into a conversation. 


Managing Longer Term Absence by Keeping in Touch

Managing prolonged absence periods can seem unstructured. This video provides the series of steps managers should take to manage these situations, and keep their finger on the pulse as they evolve.


Longer Term Absence: Managing the Absence by Milestone Meetings

There are milestones in the management of an employee who has been absent from work for a prolonged period of time. These are good opportunities to meet with the employee more formally to manage the absence. This video looks at what those milestones are, and how to manage them.


Longer Term Absence: When to Consider Ending the Employees Employment

Where return to work is unlikely in a reasonable timeframe irrespective of reasonable adjustments, an organisation is entitled to take steps to end an employees employment. As their manager, we'll show you how to make this decision fairly, and with dignity and respect.


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