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The Employment Law Framework

An overview of employment law and the things to keep in mind when managing people. This course will provide management teams with a sound understanding of the employment contract, statutory employment law, policies and procedures and how they all fit together.


The ACAS Code of Practice

Its not just what you do, it’s the way that you do it. We’ll cover the ACAS Code in a way that gets you into the right mindset before your meeting.


The Role of a Companion at a Formal Hearing

If you’re in the chair, don’t worry! We’ll take you through how to get the best out of the companion; what their actual role is, and how to keep them, and therefore your meeting, on track..


What is a Disability?

The first step at looking at disability discrimination in the workplace. Specifically, we look at what disability discrimination is, and how it is defined by the law.


Great Quality Feedback

Our favourite model for giving positive, and negative feedback to employees.


When to Ask Occupational Health for Advice

Managing people when mental or physical wellbeing is a factor can be tricky. The best course of action is to work in collaboration with your team. From time to time, Occupational Health advice will be needed in order to make informed decisions. This course helps you to understand when you might need to call for that help.


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