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Diversity and Inclusion Video Library

Welcome to Vista’s Diversity and Inclusion video library. Here’s our suite of videos which include; diversity and inclusion advice for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

Diversity and Inclusion: One Rule for One, and One for Another?

Do we have one rule for females, and another for males when it comes to diversity and includsion? Watch this example from Strictly Come Dancing...it will make you think twice.

The 3 Do’s of Diversity

What is the secret formula for being great at diversity in the workplace? Well if we are being honest there isn’t a one size fits all, but here’s a positive starting point:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be realistic
  3. Be optimistic
...and don't wait.

British Standard for Diversity and Inclusion

The launch of the new British Standard for Diversity and Inclusion sparked an internal review for Vista. We set ourselves the challenge of truly embedding inclusion into our business strategy – and it had a significant impact on our colleagues, clients and suppliers alike. The standard gives a clear and practical approach: positive about the impacts of diversity in the workplace and practical regarding how to go about it. It’s great for those employers looking to make a start, and great for those who are already good – but want to be great. Watch this video for more information on the standard and how it could help your organisation.

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