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Welcome to Vista’s Employee Relations video library. Here’s our suite of videos which include; employee relations advice for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

How to Run a Disciplinary Hearing Remotely

What are the things we need to think about when running a disciplinary hearing remotely? The legal requirements can be boiled down to this formula: Fair Reason + Fair Procedure + Reasonable Decision = Fair Outcome But how can we achieve this when running a hearing from home? Our Head of Learning, Vicky Roberts takes us through how in this short video.

How to Diagnose Performance Problems when Working from Home

Here's our technique for diagnosing performance problems in your team when working remotely. It will help your managers diagnose what might be affecting the performance of their team and identify whether is it an external factor, a what, why, or a how problem. If you found this useful, take a look at our new workshops designed to help managers manage performance when their team is working remotely.

How to Close Down Grievances

Claire takes a look at the steps employers can take when an employee is continually raising the same issue.

What to Do When an Employee is Off Sick with a Pending Investigation

Often employees think that by getting themselves signed off sick they can avoid disciplinary proceedings. As HR professionals, we know that this is not necessarily the case. Here’s our top tips on how to approach a situation like this.

Dismissal During Probation due to Sickness: What Can Employers Do?

Probationary periods and sickness absence are not two ingredients that make for a smooth employment relationship. Whether employers can dismiss during probation due to sickness is a question that arises frequently at Vista HQ, and so we spent some time with Claire, who tells us what employers can and should do in this situation.

Should Employers Offer Full Pay on a Phased Return to Work?

Do you have to pay an employee on a phased return full pay? Suzanne Pipe discusses in this short video.

Managing Sickness Absence: Too Ill to Talk?

Managing an ill health situation where an employee says they are too ill to talk, or attend meetings requires a careful and considered approach from managers and HR teams. Suzanne Pipe, one of our experienced employment lawyers at Vista talks us through the right approach.

How to Introduce New HR Policies into your Organisation

Lots of value can come from introducing the right HR policies into a business at the right time. Organisations who ‘get it right’ in terms of the tone, culture and understanding what they want to achieve set themselves up with a fantastic opportunity to communicate key business aims and objectives to their employees. In this video we are focussing on how to introduce new HR policies into a business, and there are a few important things to consider before you do…

How to Revamp your HR Policies

If you are considering a policy revamp, Yvonne Saxon, Vista’s Head of HR takes us through the important things to consider.

How to Harmonise your HR Policies

Many of you have told us that harmonising hr policies is on your list for the coming year, so we thought you might be interested in what we think are the key points to consider when undertaking this. For more information - visit the blog article here.

The Performance Management Cycle

This video gives you a structure to how you manage your team member’s performance. Complete each step on the journey each time you set an action plan; and at each stage of your formal procedure – and you’re well on the way to effective performance management.

Suspending an Employee

So, you’re thinking about suspending an employee. Before you send them off on a paid holiday, it’s important to ensure suspension is the right way to go. Suzanne Pipe, Employment Lawyer at Vista talks us through the key considerations in this video.

Managing Football Fans During the World Cup

On the horizon of World Cup season, rather than focussing on the football we look at how HR professionals can manage their football fans during the tournament.

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