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Welcome to Vista’s Employment Law video library. Here’s our suite of videos which include; employment law advice for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

Covid-19 Vaccinations: Recording Data & GDPR

Lots of our clients have been asking about recording vaccination data and GDPR. Its an interesting question, so we spent some time with Suzanne Pipe and Claire Rosney to answer it for you.

Employers Right to Test for Covid-19

The Government has announced that firms with more than 50 staff members will now be eligible for COVID testing in their workplace. What issues do employers need to consider before offering testing at work? Claire and Stephen walk through some of the main questions we've been asked since the announcement....

Covid-19 Vaccinations and Employers Rights

As the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination continues, it raises an interesting question for employers. Can employers make the vaccination a requirement of their workforce? We got together with Stephen and Abayomi, who discuss and debate the topic in this video.

Covid19: Shielding Guidance 11/11/2020

Anyone else confused about the latest Shielding guidance? Claire Rosney & Stephen Foster clear up the confusion in this video. We cover:

  • Can employees shield?
  • Is this limited to a particular group?
  • What payments are they entitled to?

VIDEO: Managing an Influx of Flexible Working Requests (Post Covid 19)

What are the key things to think about when managing an influx of post-Covid 19 flexible working requests? Abayomi Alemoru, Director of Legal Practice & Investigation Services at Vista, who talks us through the process. *Top tip: Use the 'chapter markers' in the video below to navigate through each section: the process of managing requests, approaching concerns, and declining a request.

COVID-19: Managing Employees with Health and Safety Concerns

As we start the conversation about returning to work, how can we best manage employees concerns about health and safety? We got together with Vicky and Abayomi to talk through the legal framework, how to manage these difficult conversations from the get go and, if needed, how to manage the formal process when despite everything an employee still doesn't feel it is safe to return to work.

Managing the Day to Day Issues that Arise from Returning Employees from Furlough Leave

We answer your questions on managing the day to day issues that arise when bringing our workforce back from Furlough leave.
**Top tip: use the 'chapter markers' on each video (bottom right corner next to the ⚙️ icon) to navigate to the specific questions you want to hear.

Planning a Phased Return from Furlough: Q&A

We've answered your top questions on ending furlough leave and planning a phased return. Over to Vicky, Claire, Tim and Stephen!
**Top tip: use the 'chapter markers' on each video (bottom right corner next to the ⚙️ icon) to navigate to the specific questions you want to hear.

Unfair Dismissal & The Role of an Investigator

This month we are looking at the tribunal case of Uddin v London Borough of Ealing. This case was heard by the EAT, where it was considered whether an employee had been unfairly dismissed when the investigating officer failed to inform the dismissing manager that the alleged victim of a sexual assault by the employee had withdrawn her complaint to the police. Vicky and Luke got together to discuss the case.

Holiday Entitlement: Frequently Asked Questions

Senior employment lawyers Claire and Stephen answer some of the top questions we get asked about holiday pay and entitlement.

What if my Employment Tribunal Witness has Left the Business?

Stephen Foster answers a series of FAQ's about the employment tribunal process. We cover; what to do when your witness has left the business, the risks associated with having a witness on bad terms and witness orders.

How to Close Down Grievances

Claire takes a look at the steps employers can take when an employee is continually raising the same issue.

What to Do When an Employee is Off Sick with a Pending Investigation

Often employees think that by getting themselves signed off sick they can avoid disciplinary proceedings. As HR professionals, we know that this is not necessarily the case. Here’s our top tips on how to approach a situation like this.

Dismissal During Probation due to Sickness: What Can Employers Do?

Probationary periods and sickness absence are not two ingredients that make for a smooth employment relationship. Whether employers can dismiss during probation due to sickness is a question that arises frequently at Vista HQ, and so we spent some time with Claire, who tells us what employers can and should do in this situation.

Should Employers Offer Full Pay on a Phased Return to Work?

Do you have to pay an employee on a phased return full pay? Suzanne Pipe discusses in this short video.

Managing Sickness Absence: Too Ill to Talk?

Managing an ill health situation where an employee says they are too ill to talk, or attend meetings requires a careful and considered approach from managers and HR teams. Suzanne Pipe, one of our experienced employment lawyers at Vista talks us through the right approach.

Employment Tribunal Awards & How to Reduce Them

Tim Cross talks the ways in which employer can reduce employment tribunal awards.

Four Practical Steps for Employers when Checking EU Settlement Applications

We’ve put together four pragmatic steps to ensure that as employers, you comply with your right to work obligations, whilst ensuring you are not discriminating against EU Nationals:

How to Harmonise your HR Policies

Many of you have told us that harmonising hr policies is on your list for the coming year, so we thought you might be interested in what we think are the key points to consider when undertaking this. For more information - visit the blog article here.

A Guideline on Employee Record Retention

Article 5 of the GDPR states that personal data shall be kept no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed. Understandably many HR teams want to know what this means in practice. However, with the exception of a few statutory requirements, there is no defined retention period for most HR records. We’ve looked at where there are statutory requirements and considered time limits for potential UK tribunal or civil claims and put together some suggested employee record retention periods.

Suspending an Employee

So, you’re thinking about suspending an employee. Before you send them off on a paid holiday, it’s important to ensure suspension is the right way to go. Suzanne Pipe, Employment Lawyer at Vista talks us through the key considerations in this video.

TUPE Transfers: Will TUPE apply when I win a new contract?

Try not to be fooled by your colleagues (even if its all of them!) saying that TUPE doesn’t apply for this new contract. We’ve seen plenty of situations where everyone in the bidding organisation believes TUPE doesn’t apply, and it does. It’s important to consider the tests yourself or check with your legal advisor when the topic arises. Tim walks us through...

TUPE Transfers: What are the key considerations for the Transferee?

If you find yourself in the role of transferee in a TUPE situation, it’s time to think commercially about the new relationship(s) you are inheriting. Tim, Director of Employment and Legal Affairs at Vista discusses the key considerations for a transferee.

TUPE Transfers: What are the key considerations for the Transferor?

As a transferor in a TUPE situation, it might be unclear what your obligations are. Tim answers a couple of key questions on this topic.

The Top 3 Questions we Always get Asked About: Employment Tribunals

Abi, our Director of Litigation answers your top questions about the employment tribunal.

How to Win an Employment Tribunal

Let’s face it, no employer wants to lose an employment tribunal. Abi Alemoru, Director of Litigation at Vista spends 2 minutes taking employers through the key ways to get a positive outcome in the employment tribunal.

Redundancy Advice for Employers: The Top Five Questions We Always Get Asked

Vista’s employment lawyers provide redundancy advice to our clients regularly, so, we spent an afternoon on the sofa with Tim Cross, Vista’s Director of Employment and Legal Affairs, and asked him the top five redundancy questions which always come our way. He answers them here. If you'd prefer to read - visit the blog here.

Section 188: When Does the Obligation to Collectively Consult Apply?

Tim Cross, Vista’s Director of Employment and Legal Affairs talks us through when Section 188 applies.

How to Prepare for an Employment Tribunal

Employment tribunal claims have risen by 90% since the abolition of employment tribunal fees in July 2017. The rise has led to a new ‘frequently asked question’ here at Vista; how to prepare for an employment tribunal from a witness’s perspective? We got together with Darren Maw, MD of Vista (called to the bar in 2000) and Abayomi Alemoru who has over twenty-five years’ experience of Employment Tribunal advocacy, and asked them how a witness prepares for a tribunal. Here’s their guide.

Do you have to Enhance Shared Parental Pay?

The case of Hextall vs Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police has raised serious questions around enhanced maternity pay, and shared parental pay. In this video Darren asks Karnis all there is to know about the ruling.

Managing Football Fans During the World Cup

On the horizon of World Cup season, rather than focussing on the football we look at how HR professionals can manage their football fans during the tournament.

GDPR for HR: 3 Things Employers Need to Know

Karnis and Tim discuss three GDPR tasks that need to be top of HR’s agenda before 25th May 2018.

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