This technique will change the way managers run workplace investigations
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How this game-changing technique will change the way your managers run workplace investigations forever

Have you heard of our 3-part technique for planning workplace investigations? We designed it when we discovered that managers were consistently struggling with:

  1. How to structure their investigations so that they don’t go off-piste or use evidence for the wrong purposes.
  2. Keeping investigations efficient and thorough.
  3. And simply with the confidence that they were doing it right.

All these challenges are so important to resolve because, as we all know a good quality investigation forms the basis for a decision that is eventually made. And if it’s fair and thorough, it will stand up in the tribunal.

We’ve run the 3-part investigation webinar a few times now (the recording is here if you missed it!) and we’ve received a few additional questions about using the technique. Vicky and Claire dive into them below.

How it boosts managers confidence

How it stops preconceptions

How it de-personalises a workplace investigation

How it stops scope creep

How can I help my managers with this technique?

We have built a matrix which maps out everything managers need to use the technique for their workplace investigations. It breaks down the allegations, the witnesses, and what documents they need to look into in a way which will separate each allegation into their constituent parts. We help managers with how to use this for planning an investigation in our training and with our digital learning tools from 10to3.

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