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How to Diagnose Performance Problems when Working from Home

All employers are having to react to the challenges arising from the Coronavirus outbreak. For many, this means a switch to working from home for an extended period of time.

Its unfamiliar territory for some, and can be especially tricky for managers with teams of people around them that they now need to manage remotely.

As the Vista team also crack on from home, we’ve been working on a new set of digital workshops: designed to help your teams manage their people remotely. And, after a workshop design meeting turned into a bit of a vent about what’s been bugging us (like trying to come up with ideas when your daughter has ‘baby-shark’ on repeat), we thought we’d share a little technique to help your managers diagnose what might be affecting the performance of their team when working from home.

We look at four things:

  • External factors
  • A ‘what’ problem
  • A ‘why’ problem
  • Or a ‘how’ problem

Over to Vicky and Luke…

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