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Welcome to Vista’s Industrial Relations video library, providing Industrial Relations advice for employers.

Here’s our suite of videos which include; industrial relations advice for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

Ballots for Industrial Action: Mitigating the Effects

Once you have a compliant ballot, and the Union has gone through all the prescribed rules and requirements, you need to build a strategic framework in terms of your response. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits all response. The shape and size of the industrial action and the effect of it will be unique, and it should be considered as such.

Ballots for Industrial Action: What Should an Employer do when Confronted with a Ballot?

As we know, industrial relations can enable an organisations progress but also impede it or even block and cause harm. In this video series we run through how best to manage those challenges and mitigate the effects of industrial action. First up, is the ballot legally compliant?

Ballots for Industrial Action: A Non-Compliant Ballot

As an employer, if you are confident that the strike isn’t compliant and that the trade union haven’t got legal immunity from the strike, there are various options to consider. Chris MacNaughton, Senior Employment Lawyer and Head of Industrial Relations at Vista talks us through them.

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