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Welcome to the May update.
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There are lots of cases in this month’s InView which serve as really practical guidance and reminders for HR professionals and supporting managers. One of particular interest reflects the sort of discussions that often go on with employees within businesses, and having believed that the matter was resolved amicably, the employer suddenly finds itself facing a claim.

As you will also be aware from our recent updates and from the media, Menopause and the workplace is, quite rightly, receiving a lot attention. We cover a short article which you may also find useful to consider whilst we wait to see what steps the Government take, if any, and in light of the recent case law in this area.

As always if there’s any support or assistance Vista can provide on these or any of the other topics covered within this month’s InView, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line. See you next month!

Stephen Foster

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New Case Law
Unfair Dismissal
In White v HC-One Oval, the claimant was one of two part-time receptionists at a care home. The employee brought an unfair dismissal claim in relation to voluntary redundancy. We've got the latest, and the learnings from this case. We see lots of employers making mistakes here, so if you read one case this month, let it be this one!

Discrimination - Harassment
At Heathrow Express, security testing involved leaving suspicious packages for security staff to find, to test how they would deal with genuine security issues. A bag was planted with a note written in Arabic. A Muslim employee brought claims for direct discrimination and harassment.  Here's the latest.

Constructive Dismissal
In Craig v Abellio, the employee raised a grievance due to incorrectly calculated sick pay. The employer failed to pay and he resigned. He brought a constructive dismissal claim saying the failure to pay the back pay was the ‘last straw’. This case is a great reminder that the 'last straw' doesn't need to be that serious to amount to a breach. Read the detail below.

EHRC Guidance: Separate & Single Sex Services
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has issued guidance for businesses operating separate or single sex services and how to approach trans people’s use of that service. We cover the detail of the guidance and what it means for employers below.

A Round-up of the Most Important Employment Law Updates this Spring
We've just finished all our client employment law updates for Spring. As valued members of our community, we wanted to summarise some of the highlights. Thanks to Suzanne and Claire for putting together this quick-look video update.

Suzanne and I wanted to give you a quick overview of the Spring from an employment law perspective. In this video we cover new legislation, new ACAS guidance, case law and what to look out for on the HR horizon, all in less than 30 mins (a challenge in itself!). I hope its a useful summary for you all.
Claire Rosney,
Employment Lawyer at Vista
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New Resources

Calculating Holiday Entitlement
Its Bank Holiday season! One of our most asked questions at present is how to calculate holiday entitlement for part time workers, and what happens if a Bank Holiday falls on a part-time workers non-working day? We've put together a new quick reference guide to how to calculate the entitlement for you which you can download below.

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In The News
Menopause at Work
There has been a seismic change in the menopause landscape over the last few years.

With more than 600 employers signing up to the ‘Menopause Workplace Pledge’ - what's the latest guidance for employers?

DSARs Off your Desk
Receiving a data subject access request (DSAR) can feel daunting. Did you know that we work with HR teams, supporting them with complex
DSARs to ensure confidence and compliance?

A perfect ‘plug and play’ service for a number of our clients, this service can be used by organisations of any size that do not have the time or in-house expertise to deal with DSARs with confidence.

New Workshop: How to Say No Like a Pro
Back by popular demand, we'll be helping you and your managers say no when you need too. In the session we'll explore why we’re hardwired to hate to hear no, and we'll be sharing an oven-ready technique.

Disclaimer: you can use this technique in life as well as work! Book your free place below.