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managing attendance

Managing Attendance


This is a practical and participative workshop for people managers. It is designed to develop managers’ knowledge and skills to drive high levels of attendance in their team. We will look at how to manage both short term absences as well as those that become prolonged.


By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:
• Describe and demonstrate with confidence their right to manage attendance at work
• Show an understanding of the key steps in a sickness absence management policy – and how to use the policy to good effect
• Demonstrate how to manage return to work meetings and meetings to manage absence under the formal stages in the policy both fairly and with respect
• Identify the steps to take to manage an employee who is managing longer term ill health: How to manage the conversation about their return to work to their current role or ‘restricted duties’ that are meaningful and sustainable for both the employee and the organisation


Your right to manage absence at work
• The different types of absence and why they’re managed differently

‘It’s not their fault they’re ill!’
• The challenges to managing absence
• The benefits to managing attendance

The role of the return to work meeting
• What to cover
• How to conduct one

‘What can I do, they looked dreadful…’
• Dealing with requests to go home and to work from home

Managing attendance formally
• A step by step guide to the formal process
• The legal framework for managing attendance

When patterns emerge in absence
• How to manage the patterns
• Does a pattern mean the absence is not due to genuine illness?

Managing prolonged absence from work
• Keeping in touch
• Making reasonable adjustments
• Phased return
• Making the decision that it’s necessary to consider ending an employee’s employment
• Gathering in all relevant information to ensure an informed decision is made
• Holding meetings to explore ending employment with fairness and dignity

What’s the role of an appeal against a formal attendance management decision?
• Who does what when an appeal is raised
• What could the outcome be?

10 to 3 suite to accompany this course:

Managing Attendance

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