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managing performance

Managing Performance

Overview – Managing Performance

This one-day course aims to give managers the knowledge and skills they need to create a plan to improve performance – or to manage performance effectively, fairly and with dignity if improvement does not occur.

In the course of the day we will answer some of the common questions about performance management:

• Does managing under-performance have to take a long time?
• What does ‘being reasonable’ mean when you are managing under-performance?
• How can it be fair to end someone’s employment if they are trying their best but are just not achieving what is required?
• How do I manage someone’s behaviour if their standard of work is not an issue?


By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:
• Describe with confidence ‘the performance gap’ – the gap between the required standard and the employee’s own performance
• Plan and hold a conversation with the employee to identify the cause of the performance gap
• Create a PIP or action plan designed to close the performance gap
• Plan the management of underperformance through your formal process


What is performance management?
• Why is it necessary to manage performance?
• Roles and responsibilities of the employee, manager, organisation

The legal framework for managing performance
• Your right to manage

The performance management cycle
• Overview of the cycle

Managing informally
• Identifying and communicating the performance gap
• Giving feedback
• Supporting improvement through setting an action plan or PIP
• Ongoing dialogue – maintaining the level of improved performance
• The role of coaching to encourage the employee to ‘own’ improving their performance

Making the decision to manage capability formally
• What factors might trigger the decision?
• What is the process?
• Who is involved?

Managing under-performance formally
• Commencing the procedure
• Managing the meeting

Making and communicating the decision
• The outcome letter
• What now?
• Managing an appeal

Has performance returned to the required standard?
• Maintaining future performance
• If not, next steps?

10 to 3 suite to accompany the managing performance course:

Managing Performance

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