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NEW: Redundancy Resource Hub for HR Professionals and Employers

Today we are launching our new Redundancy Resource Hub for employers and HR professionals.

Following the popularity of our Coronavirus Resource Hub over the last few months, and as we move forward into a period of change and uncertainty for many employers, we wanted to help as much as we can.

So, we’ve been hard at work pulling together a number of different guidance documents, videos and tools that will guide you through the process of change. The redundancy resource hub contains:

  • A comprehensive guide to managing the redundancy process, including document templates re-election of reps, section 188, at risk letters and consultation/appeal checklists.
  • An overview of the key issue’s employers need to consider when contemplating collective redundancies.
  • A template structure for your meetings, including record sheets to use throughout the redundancy process.
  • Guidance on the relationship between redundancy and furlough.
  • Answers to the common questions re layoffs and short time working.
  • A series of video guides covering: the top 5 things for HR to think about during the process, collective consultation and when it applies, and the hallmarks of a fair redundancy.
  • A series of micro learning videos to support your managers, reps and all employees through the period of change.

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