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10 to 3

Our series of short, succinct and (dare we say!) enjoyable digital learning videos are tailored specifically for tricky management meetings.

10 to 3 creates the space for managers to focus on the important aspects of those meetings and gets them in the right frame of mind before entering the room.

Our digital learning videos get to the point (in under 5 minutes) and give only the essential knowledge and skills for their HR-related meeting at three o’clock. *

Managers will come out with a clear sense of how to manage what they are about to do in-line with company policies and good practice. They’re also far less likely to put their foot in it!

We cover lots of topics, including discipline, grievance, absence and performance management. The videos can stand alone, be used as part of an internal training programme or even act as pre-training activity.

*we know, all HR meetings don’t happen at three, but if they could…

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19 Courses

Short, snappy micro-learning videos that provides managers with the knowledge and skills they need to improve attendance and deal with prolonged absence due to longer-term ill health.



19 Courses

Short, snappy micro-learning videos that give managers exactly what they need at each stage of investigating a misconduct allegation or managing a disciplinary.



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