Trials and tribulations of launching a website – the Vista way - Vista
Trials and tribulations of launching a website – the Vista way

Trials and tribulations of launching a website – the Vista way

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website. It’s been a huge project for us, and one which will evolve with us as we improve and develop our services, fit for the 2020’s.

During 2017 we saw growth, happy clients, became the first organisation in the UK to get the new diversity and inclusion standard and we moved to our new offices in Cheadle.

The next challenge was to improve our digital presence. We wanted to provide extra value for our clients and a great digital experience for new visitors just getting to know us.

It’s been a long journey, one which (unusually) started with what became known as ‘the weather forecast’…

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And here we are now. Welcome to our new website! We wanted to share the new features, and our journey towards building them…

Brand Nostalgia
First up, we saw an opportunity to refresh the Vista brand.

We analysed our key messages; our clients feedback, why they chose to work with us, what makes us different to everyone else, and where we wanted to be in the future.

Everyone in the team agreed that whilst yes, we do employment law and we love making sure that there is just he right amount of ‘pinstripe’ in the room, we’re actually really good at the people side of things too.

We came by lots of possible straplines that would reflect this message and how we have developed our services to help HR teams meet their challenges, but none more clearly than what we boiled it down to; a people business. We know that at the heart of every business are people stories, and people stories have always been our business. It’s what we know, it’s what we’ll always do, and it’s what we’re good at.

So, we said a tearful goodbye to our first ever strapline; ‘Your Vision. Our Focus’. It’s been with us since 2005 when we started life in a spare bedroom in Sale, so it’s a decision that was not taken lightly.

Lights, camera, action
After many months in the planning, we set out to find a digital partner to help us build our new website. A few trips up and down the motorway to Liverpool, we were delighted to be working with Mashbo. We’d definitely recommend them, they managed to make sense of our ‘weather forecast’ brief and deliver it back to us in ways that made sense for the non-web developers of the world.

In the midst of planning, building, content writing and general digital mayhem, we also decided to start producing our own video content. We spent weeks choosing the right equipment and learning how to use it. Here’s our resident digital content manager/film director in action.

You’ll be seeing a lot more video where this came from.






So, what’s new?
First is our collection of in time, on point, digital learning videos for your three o’clock meeting, or as we called them – 10 to 3. Our series of short, succinct and (dare we say!) enjoyable digital learning videos are tailored specifically for tricky management meetings.

Second, we now have a digital place for our clients – their executive lounge. They can log in, download HR document templates, book meetings directly with our team of lawyers, book on to specific webinars and watch their suite of 10 to 3 videos from the comfort of their sofa.

We are now also offering a great range of video content, blogs and case studies about the work that Vista deliver. This is the start of building a valuable resource for employers and their HR teams, to help them do great things.

There’s more planned for the next few months, so please share, spread the word and follow us on social media to keep up.

The Vista Team

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