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Employee Representative Training

Our being an employee representative training comprises a 3.5-hour face to face or ‘digital classroom’ workshop for the elected employee representatives to understand their role as a representative and to develop skills and confidence to fulfil it effectively.

By attending the workshop, the employee representatives will be able to:

  • Explain their role as a representative in this process.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to manage their various stakeholders as a representative and make the most of the resources available to them.
  • Describe the key steps in the consultation process, including what information they should expect to receive and about what they will be consulted.
  • Demonstrate questioning, listening and communication techniques appropriate for the role of a representative.

Introductions and welcome
How are things right now?The change curve – how’s everything feeling?
What behaviours have you seen; and might you see?

Techniques to manage emotional reactions.
The legal framework for consultation
Your role as a representative What it is – and what it isn’t!
• You are not ‘responsible’ for the proposal
• You are not required to advocate for an individual!
Being informed What information should you expect to receive?
When and how?
Being consultedWhat is consultation anyway?
• And what isn’t it!
• The difference between ‘being consulted’ and negotiation.
Consultation about what? In the context of this proposal, about what will you be consulted?
• Avoiding the redundancy dismissals
• Reducing the number of dismissals
• Mitigating the consequences of the dismissals

What does this really mean in practice?
Your rights as a representativeWhat facilities do you think you will need?
Managing expectations during the consultation process
Working togetherWays of working
With each other
With the management group
With the employees you represent
Key skills and useful techniques to help you work as a teamFlexing your listening skills
What gets in the way of empathetic listening?

Questioning techniques for employee reps

The value of a well-structured message
Closing collective consultation How to evaluate the organisation’s proposal to close collective consultation
Next steps? Working together as a team
Action points

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