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Diversity & Inclusion

Our approach to achieving true diversity and inclusion at work is challenging and asks some difficult questions of an employer.

We’re exceptionally proud to be the first organisation in the UK (and the world) to achieve the BSI standard for Diversity and Inclusion. We received a a rating of excellent, so we like to think we’ve got a head start!

There’s no one size fits all solution for diversity and inclusion, but some of the successful interventions we use include; dignity at work training, unconscious bias training, leadership workshops, a complete review of all HR policies, qualitative reviews of management practices across the organisation, and the important steps that need to be taken to align recruitment and promotion to the diversity and inclusion strategy.

For Vista, it’s not about being charitable. Its not about ‘doing our bit’, but about valuing people for the value that they bring. Its about attracting a talented workforce and leading by example, and that’s what we help our clients to achieve.

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Great to see this affirmation of HR and what a timely moment in our current business environment for a company to step up and take forward a proactive and accredited approach to diversity and inclusion. Top work Vista!

Valerie Anderson
Practitioner-researcher in Human Resource Development