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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

We provide practical, bespoke and relatable diversity, equity and inclusion training for line managers and HR teams. Vista’s blended learning programmes provide you with practical, fun and ‘real-world’ leadership training, delivered by learning experts, employment lawyers or HR professionals.

We cover a broad range of topics, including our popular dignity at work training, gender inclusivity training, neurodiversity training and managing unconscious biases.

Our golden rule is no PowerPoint; instead we produce workbooks that delegates can refer back to. This helps your training session to be full of life, and for your team to focus on, and participate in, trainer-led discussion exercises.

We build all our training programmes bespoke, so it’s down to where you want the emphasis of your workshop to be. Take a look at our full programme of diversity, equity and training below, but please keep in mind we can tailor each of these for your organisations needs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Programmes

Dignity at Work

A practical and ‘no-nonsense’ look at an area of working life that can feel challenging. How do we maintain the positive aspects of our culture at work and at the same time ensure that we are not inadvertently causing distress to others and risk to the business and ourselves?

Sexual Harassment Training

A half-day interactive and scenario-based training workshop to explore sexual harassment from an inclusive perspective: When it happens, the negative impacts are far reaching and long lived; so it’s everyone’s role to spot it and eradicate it.

Neurodiversity at Work

How to build managers’ confidence to manage neurodivergent team-members inclusively and effectively.

Gender Inclusivity

Help your team members overcome ‘the fear of getting it wrong’ by exploring why as humans, we can feel discomforted by difference, and how to overcome it.

Managing Unconscious Bias

A half-day face to face workshop to explore how unconscious bias influences our decisions – and how to manage it.

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