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Here are a selection of our most popular training courses. Please click the + sign to find out more information about the course and methods of delivery.

Managing Employee Relations

Managing Investigations

A one-day practical, participative workshop designed to develop your managers’ skills by using easy-to-use, relatable techniques to plan and conduct a workplace investigation.

Managing Underperformance

Our driving performance training is a practical, participative one-day face to face workshop that will give managers the knowledge and techniques to manage underperformance in their team with confidence and skill.

A Manager's Right to Manage

A 3.5-hour interactive workshop to give managers confidence and skills to manage their team members’ performance, conduct, attendance and grievances effectively and within the legal framework.

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Leadership & Management Training

Highly Effective Feedback

A half or one day practical, participative programme covering the key principles and techniques for giving effective feedback.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

A half or one day practical, participative programme covering the key principles and techniques for dealing with difficult behaviours and/or situations.

Leadership Skills & Leading Others

A half or one day practical, participative programme covering the key principles, leadership skills and techniques for leading others.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dignity at Work

A practical and ‘no-nonsense’ look at an area of working life that can feel challenging. How do we maintain the positive aspects of our culture at work and at the same time ensure that we are not inadvertently causing distress to others and risk to the business and ourselves?

Neurodiversity at Work

How to build managers’ confidence to manage neurodivergent team-members inclusively and effectively.

Gender Inclusivity

Help your team members overcome ‘the fear of getting it wrong’ by exploring why as humans, we can feel discomforted by difference, and how to overcome it.

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Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Driving Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

A face to face workshop for managers and HR teams to raise awareness and understanding of positive mental health and wellbeing at work. In this workshop we work to change behaviours and inspire leadership.

Are you Thriving or Surviving at Work?

A face to face workshop to help us understand our own positive mental health and wellbeing and how to improve in the workplace.

Effective Strategy for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

A face to face workshop to help HR or senior leadership teams understand how to build an effective positive health and wellbeing strategy using your data to improve organisational performance.

All Mental Health & Wellbeing Programmes

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Managing Change

Being an Employee Representative During Consultation

A half-day interactive workshop designed around your proposed changes.

Managing TUPE Transfers

A one-day course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need when managing TUPE transfers.

Managing Redundancy

This workshop will make sense of the legal complexities of managing a redundancy situation. We will look at the legal framework relating to collective and individual consultation, selection pools, selection criteria and the termination process from the perspective of making the law work for us, rather than let it dictate what we do.


A collection of videos to walk your reps through their role

Training for the Employment Tribunal

Mock Employment Tribunal

All the ‘thrills and spills’ of an Employment Tribunal – in a learning environment…

ET Witness Training

It can be daunting for your managers to face an employment tribunal as a witness. How to give evidence in a court? What about nerves? We are offering a public course to address all these concerns and give your managers the skills they need to set up for success.

Learning Interventions

You decide which learning intervention is right for your business. We provide everything from on-site workshops and digital classrooms, through to elearning.

On Site Training

Leadership development training for line managers and HR professionals. Our professional trainers and employment lawyers will deliver each workshop from anywhere in the UK.

Digital Classroom

Interactive digital learning programmes for HR professionals and line managers.

10 to 3

Upbeat, animated training videos from 10 to 3. Each video is under 5 minutes and designed to provide your managers with the people management skills they need to deliver HR meetings well.


Practical elearning courses which deliver management skills training and professional development for HR teams.

Who, what & why


Vista’s blended learning programmes provide you with practical, fun and ‘real-world’ people management training, delivered by learning experts, employment lawyers or HR professionals.

We cover a broad spectrum of skills, including proactive people management, driving performance, tackling difficult conversations and our flagship dignity at work programme.

You can choose from a selection of courses that are ‘ready to go’, or we can work together to build a bespoke programme for your organisation.

How We Do It

We have a dedicated team of lawyers, HR professionals and learning experts designing and delivering relatable and long-lived training to managers and HR professionals. We can deliver bespoke, or ‘ready to go’ people management training programmes depending on your goals.

By using accelerated learning techniques, 360-degree feedback, personality profile instruments, one to one coaching, our suite of re-constructions of real Vista experiences, alongside digital learning content – this learning experience sticks.

We never use PowerPoint, instead we produce workbooks that delegates can refer back to. This helps your training session to be full of life, and for your team to focus on, and participate in, trainer-led discussion exercises.

In every workshop, we strive to give your team members a real-world look at the issues, potential consequences and help them to relate to a real life working environment.


The Vista team make a number of adjustments to ensure our training is accessible for everyone. As part of your training design we will discuss the method of delivery and its suitability for your team. If you would like to request full details of our accessibility policy, please contact us.

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"We have developed some excellent employment law training modules for our managers with Darren and have run the courses every year for new managers and team leaders – Darren never ceases to capture our manager’s attention in a very unique and entertaining way. "

Jo Gray, HR Operations Manager - Royal Haskoning