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Employee Relations Training

Employee Relations Training

Our employee relations training is always practical, participative and bespoke. We use tools and techniques that managers will remember, and can use in their role the very next day. Our blended learning approach means that managers aren’t just left to ‘go it alone’ after a training programme, they are continuously supported through our eLearning and digital learning videos.

Our training covers a broad spectrum of topics, including managing investigations, dignity at work, managing conflict, grievances and disciplinary situations. Each session is delivered by learning experts and employment lawyers who ‘walk the talk’ and are able to give a real-life perspective on workplace challenges. We never use PowerPoint; instead we produce workbooks that delegates can refer back to. This helps your training session to be full of life, and for your team to focus on, and participate in, trainer-led discussion exercises.

We build all our training programmes bespoke, so it’s down to where you want the emphasis of your workshop to be. Take a look at our full programme of employee relations training below, but please keep in mind we can tailor each of these for your organisations needs.

Employee Relations Training

Managing Investigations

A one-day practical, participative workshop designed to develop your managers’ skills by using easy-to-use, relatable techniques to plan and conduct a workplace investigation.

Mock Investigation

Do the words ‘we’ll need you to do an investigation’ fill your managers with dread? Are investigations in your organisation time consuming, unstructured and stressful? This Mock Investigation workshop delves into a true-to-life case study that we know you’ll relate to. We put our tried and tested techniques for planning and conducting an investigation through their paces together, live during the session.

Dignity at Work

This Dignity at Work workshop gives employees a practical and ‘no-nonsense’ look at an area of working life that can feel challenging. How do we maintain the positive aspects of our culture at work and at the same time ensure that we are not inadvertently causing distress to others and risk to the business and ourselves?

Managing Underperformance

Our driving performance training is a practical, participative one-day face to face workshop that will give managers the knowledge and techniques to manage underperformance in their team with confidence and skill.

A Managers Right to Manage

A 3.5-hour interactive workshop to give managers confidence and skills to manage their team members’ performance, conduct, attendance and grievances effectively and within the legal framework.

Practical People Management

A practical, participative 2 day workshop designed to build managers’ knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their teams. The programme focuses particularly on managing conduct, managing underperformance, dealing with grievances and driving attendance.

Managing Conflict & Grievances

This one-day workshop is aimed at people managers and is designed to develop their knowledge and skills to manage conflict and grievances effectively and with increased confidence, both informally and via the formal procedure.

Resolving the Unresolvable - The Art of Conflict Resolution

A face to face workshop to give managers and your wider teams the tools and techniques to resolve conflict effectively.  We will explore the mindset of a mediator and learn new tools and techniques to help facilitate great conversations between the parties who are in conflict. We will discover how this rebuilds and strengthens long-term working relationships and helps us to move from feelings of frustration and hopelessness to positivity, win-win and future focus.

Managing Disciplinary Situations

A one-day practical, participative workshop designed to give managers knowledge, confidence and techniques to manage disciplinary hearings effectively and within the legal framework.

Managing Attendance

This is a practical and participative workshop for people managers. It is designed to develop managers’ knowledge and skills to drive high levels of attendance in their team. We will look at how to manage both short term absences as well as those that become prolonged.

Managing Misconduct

This one-day workshop is designed to develop managers’ knowledge and skills in managing misconduct and behavioural issues effectively and with increased confidence in their ‘right to manage’. We will explore setting standards and giving feedback informally, as well as the steps needed to manage a disciplinary issue via the formal procedure.

Managing Unconscious Bias

A half-day face to face workshop to explore how unconscious bias influences our decisions – and how to manage it. We explore the effect of our biases on each stage of the employee life cycle and we will equip your mangers with the knowledge and techniques to identify and address un-inclusive behaviours and unintentionally poor decision-making caused by our unconscious biases.

Handling a Flexible Working Request

Responding constructively and effectively to a flexible working request from a team member is an important skill for a manager. It’s far more than ‘following a process’. It’s an exercise in good quality listening, and open-minded decision-making. This half-day workshop is designed to develop managers’ understanding of the legal requirements, but also to enable them to handle both the conversation and decision-making with confidence and skill.

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