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Achieving Dignity and Respect at Work

Achieving Dignity and Respect at Work

With an international employee network of over 10,000, and a traditional manufacturing and industrial relations environment, as a partner to Airbus – no day is ever the same!

Recently, Airbus recognised the need to provide a series of training sessions to support their employees in navigating the complex area of acceptable behaviours and maintaining dignity and respect at work.

Solution: Training for the Better
Always a challenging and thought-provoking topic, Vista spent time with the Airbus HR team – scoping and defining what the workshop should address. Relevance, authenticity and pragmatism were key, so we tailored the training to test their current mindsets in a way that recognised the challenging nature of this topic. In addition to this, we provided pragmatic ways forward, to make sure Airbus remained a fun and inclusive place to work.

The training was designed for everyone from senior management to apprentices.

Each session involved group exercises based on leadership behaviours. We included discussions on harassment, intentional and unintentional, alongside real-life (and not uncontroversial) drama sequences to explore the effect and repercussions of ill-judged behaviour in the workplace.

We tackled ‘is this just political correctness gone mad?’ along with ‘I can’t say anything anymore’ and ‘there’s not much wrong with industrial banter’ – exploring the serious damage a friendly phrase like this can mask.

Results: Not PC gone mad!

We used provocative materials to raise uncomfortable (but necessary) questions and challenge beliefs. The outcome? Open debates, an understanding of context and a sound knowledge of workplace boundaries.

This dignity and respect at work training brought complex issues to life and encouraged all our delegates to do something differently the moment they got back to their desk. Training time and budget well spent – we think!

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