Maintaining an Inclusive Culture for Park Cakes Bakery
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Maintaining an Inclusive and Respectful Culture


Park Cakes set us the challenge to create a fun, engaging, relatable workshop that helped their managers and chargehands feel confident to deal with situations that could have a negative impact on a respectful culture. Ultimately, they wanted to achieve and maintain an inclusive and respectful culture.


After completing a number of listening groups to better understand Park Cakes and its people, we created a workshop that had at its heart a bespoke case study. This case study started ‘with the end’, asking the Park Cakes team to ‘turn back the clock’ and identify what team members and the business could have done differently to stop the situation arising.

The case study was all about behaviours, so we used a unique communication tool developed by the Vista team – our dignity dinosaurs. These dinosaurs identified the behaviours that we wanted to make extinct. We then introduced and practised the techniques in how to do it.

The programme saw the dignity dinosaurs brought to life, and they were spotted stomping about the place as the workshops rolled out. Footprints and field guides were available to team members at various points around the offices and factory floor to help the Park Cakes team spot and be reminded of their presence and what they stand for.

What’s next?

Park Cakes’ vision is to maintain an inclusive and respectful culture. To continue towards that goal, ‘dignity coaches’ have been appointed and, with support and guidance, will be giving team members confidence to raise issues that concern them promptly and constructively. They will also be engaging with the business to think about the ‘next steps’ once the dignity dinosaurs are extinct.

Managers and chargehands will be rolling out what they’ve learned by ‘toolbox talks’ and refresher training will be delivered by ‘lunch and learn’ sessions too.

The Results so far?

Let some team members tell you that:


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