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Dependents Leave during the Pandemic: The Tricky Questions

As we head into the third official lockdown in the UK, our clients are asking us how best to help their employees navigate the challenges that these restrictions bring to everyday life.

As schools close their doors, parents are faced with home-schooling alongside working from home. For key workers, the option to send their children into school remains, but what happens if they just don’t want to, for personal reasons or for the risk it poses?

We got together with Claire and Suzanne, employment lawyers at Vista to answer these key questions:

    • What options do employers have to help employees that are struggling with caring responsibilities?
    • What if you have a key worker who doesn’t want to send their children to school for personal or reasons of risk associated with the pandemic?
    • Is furlough an option in these circumstances?
    • Does a household need to have both parents as key workers?

You can watch the video below, or visit our coronavirus advice hub for more in-depth guidance on dependents leave.

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