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Dignity at Work

Overview of our Dignity at Work Workshop

This Dignity at Work workshop gives employees a practical and ‘no-nonsense’ look at an area of working life that can feel challenging. How do we maintain the positive aspects of our culture at work and at the same time ensure that we are not inadvertently causing distress to others and risk to the business and ourselves?

‘Political correctness gone mad’ is a label often given to this area of working life; as is the conclusion that ‘you can’t have fun at work anymore’.

We will explain that neither is the case. We will give employees tools to judge whether there is a ‘line’ and where that ‘line’ might be in any given case. We will establish that subjective views count – and a lack of intention to offend does not stop harassment occurring.

Finishing on a constructive note, this Dignity at Work course will explore how everyone in an organisation has a role to manage the culture and achieve an inclusive working environment.


By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • State how they can build a culture that is inclusive
  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of what is harassment and the impact it has on individuals
  • Still have fun at work!
  • Give feedback to others on matters which concern them
  • Show an understanding of the roles of informal and formal management of situations that concern them
What do we mean by an inclusive culture?• What makes up a culture?

• How do we create an inclusive, respectful workplace, and who has the responsibility to do so?
The legal framework• The law of harassment

• The spectrum from deliberate, to reckless, to unintentional behaviour.

• Protected characteristics and more….
Does this mean we can’t have fun at work?• Keep the fun – just make sure it’s inclusive.
Dealing with situations that concern you• Giving feedback well

• Receiving feedback well

• The role of our formal processes in managing situations that concern you

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