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Employment Law Update – June 2020

Welcome to this months employment law update. This one is sure to help you over the coming weeks and months as we start to get back on track with the new normal.

Our employment law team have had a number of questions surrounding flexible working, and flexible furlough. So we’ve put together some guidance on managing an influx of flexible working requests (more on that below), and some flexible furlough templates for you to use. 

We’ve also come across a very interesting TUPE case (ISS Facility Services NV v Sonia Govaerts & Atalian NV, formerly Euroclean NV). You’ll be forgiven for missing it during the last 3 months, but it is a must read as it has the potential to very disruptive.

We look at the implications for HR here, and provide a detailed case summary here.

One not to miss is our new animated videos which support your managers and employees through a period of business changeIf you are facing a redundancy situation or you are looking at changing employee’s employment contracts, be sure to check them out.

This month we also cover:

  • Tips and tricks on managing disciplinary hearings remotely
  • Managing 121 conversations about returning from furlough leave

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So, time to delve into the detail!

How to Manage Flexible Working Requests

Back in December, we spent some time looking at the legal responsibilities for employers when dealing with flexible working requests. Although this was written pre-pandemic, the legal framework remains the same.

We look at who can submit a request, how employers should deal with requests, refusing a request if you need too and a practical 4 step process to follow. Read the guidance here.

Now, moving onto post-pandemic – lots of employers are predicting an influx of requests.

Working flexibly from home has worked perfectly for the last three months, right? So why can’t it work going forwards?

We got together with Abayomi Alemoru, Director of Legal Practice & Investigation Services at Vista, who talks us through the things to think about when managing a post-covid request for flexible working.

*Top tip: Use the ‘chapter markers’ in the video below to navigate through each section:  the process of managing requests, approaching concerns, and declining a request.

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