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Managing Redundancy

Managing Redundancy

Overview of Managing Redundancy

This Managing Redundancy workshop will make sense of the legal complexities of managing a redundancy situation. We will look at the legal framework relating to collective and individual consultation, selection pools, selection criteria and the termination process from the perspective of making the law work for us, rather than let it dictate what we do. We will examine how the law plays its part in an effective, well run and sensitively-handled change programme.


By the end of the managing redundancy workshop delegates will be able to:
• State what an acceptable business case for redundancy may be
• Work within the legal framework to achieve a fair process ensuring selection follows a rational approach
• Consult in a timely, effective manner at both collective and individual stages of the consultation process
• Follow the correct termination process ensuring payments and notice periods are accurate


The Business Case for Redundancy
– The business case, why is this necessary?
– Operational/economic reasons
– Considering alternative options

The Legal Framework
– Achieving a fair redundancy dismissal
– Completing the paperwork

The Selection Process
– Who is at risk?
– The ‘pool’
– Selection criteria and building a selection matrix
– Finding suitable alternative employment
– What is suitable?

The Consultation Process
– The duty to inform and consult
– Timeframes, when and how it applies
– Collective consultation
– The role of the employee representative in redundancy
– Elections
– Individual consultation
– When, where, how and by whom

The Termination Process
– Duty of care and support
– Notice periods
– Payments
– Avoiding getting it wrong
– Avoiding the ‘common mistakes’

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