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Dignity at Work: Meet our Dignity Dinosaurs
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Dignity at Work: Meet our Dignity Dinosaurs

Dignity at work is a complex and emotional topic and has become one of the toughest training challenges for Learning and Development professionals to tackle. One thing is for sure, an organisation won’t achieve a true change in dignity at work behaviours through a safe approach; we’re talking policies, briefings and PowerPoint slides.

Enter stage left, Vista’s Dignity Dinosaurs.

We’ve developed a communication strategy using (yes) cartoon Dinosaurs. Each member of our ‘Dignity Dinosaur’ herd, who you’ll meet shortly, represents the behaviours we see regularly within organisations, and the ones that employers wish to make extinct.

Each Dinosaur embodies a different unacceptable workplace behaviour and we’ve found, that by adding a layer of detachment and not representing such behaviours through people, we’ve been able to successfully stimulate discussion and debate around some really uncomfortable and difficult to address dignity at work issues. You can read a bit more about how we do that in this article.

Watch the video below, where Vicky will introduce you to the herd.

So, why are we telling you this? Well, we’ve been using these characters for a while now, and we’re sure that there are other commonplace but unacceptable workplace behaviours that you as employers would like to make extinct.

We’re asking for you to share your experiences, including inspirational (and probably hard to pronounce) Dinosaur name ideas, so we can expand our herd of ‘Dignity Dinosaurs’ to accurately reflect, and tackle these issues head on in the modern workplace.

For more information on how we help our clients train dignity at work, watch our case study. 

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