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Planning and Conducting an Investigation

Overview – Planning and Conducting an Investigation

This workshop is designed for any manager who is asked to look at planning and conducting an investigation. Be that to investigate an allegation of misconduct or a grievance. It is practical and participative, bringing to life the role of an investigator using real life case studies and practical techniques. Delegates will be walked through the process including what to investigate, who to question, how to construct a report and what are the options when making recommendations.


By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the features of a good quality investigation and how it helps to achieve a fair and effective disciplinary, or grievance process
• Plan and conduct an investigation using the 3-step approach
• Use effective questions to give a clear outline of events and make recommendations as to next steps
• Complete an investigation report that is fit for purpose

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The legal framework
• The 3 key areas that make up the framework

The role of an investigation
• What are the key steps?
• Who is involved?
• What’s the role of an investigation in formal disciplinary and grievance processes?

What does an investigation need to achieve?
• Deciding the remit of an investigation
• Knowing when to stop
• The standard of proof

Planning the investigation
• Which witnesses to see, about what and in what order?
• Securing evidence and identifying relevant documents

Questioning techniques for investigations
• Effective questioning
• Creating a ‘question sandwich’

Holding meetings with your witnesses and recording all the facts
• Investigation interviews: What to say during the opening/the closing/the bit in the middle

Drawing the investigation to a close
• Completing an investigation report that is fit for purpose
• What will be your recommendations?
• Who will see your report?

Completing your job as an investigator
• Securing the documents and keeping your notes securely.

10 to 3 suites to accompany the planning and conducting an investigation course:

Managing Disciplinary Situations
Managing Grievances

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