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What is the International Standard for Diversity and Inclusion?

What is the International Standard for Diversity and Inclusion?

ISO 30415 is an international standard that was developed through the collaboration of businesses, governments and non-government organisations, and published in 2021 providing guidance on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

If you already have ISO accreditations, you will be familiar with the focus on validity.  ISO 30415 certification ensures your efforts go beyond basic expectations of diversity and inclusion. Not solely to satisfy your people, but to instill the belief and reassurance that you support and respect every individual.

Whilst the standard provides a comprehensive framework, what makes it different to most other ISO standards is its lack of prescription as organisations are not required to implement every recommendation.  So the standard works for all organisations regardless of size, sector, or location and aims to help organisations create a more inclusive workplace, where all employees feel valued and respected, and where diversity is seen as a strength.

The standard covers the following:

  • Fundamental Principles – sets out the principles that should underpin an inclusive workplace
  • D&I Roles and Governance – focuses on governance, leadership and the responsibilities and accountabilities within the organisation for D&I
  • D&I Framework – sets out the HRM lifecycle approach, policies, processes and practices, identifying outcomes, actions and measures to support D&I
  • Development and Delivery of Products and Services– this takes an external view on how D&I is woven into the fabric of the organisations activities
  • Procurement and Supplier Diversity– another external perspective looking at how an organisation maintains and influences a diverse supply chain
  • Communities and other external stakeholders – this is where the organisation engages with other stakeholders whose interests are related to the D&I framework along with social responsibility initiatives and activities

Vista can provide an in depth audit of your current diversity and inclusion practices, to prepare your organisation for ISO accreditation. Or if you don’t feel ready to publicly commit to the ISO standard and formal assessment yet, you can also opt to have a discreet audit, providing a gap analysis of where you are, against the initial requirements for ISO accreditation.

Either way, if your end goal is just to improve your diversity and inclusion practices, without an accreditation, the ISO Standard provides a great framework to work from. If you’d like an informal chat about how we can help, drop the team a line here.

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