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Suspending an Employee

It’s a big decision, and one that it’s important to get right. This video will talk about when it’s the right time to suspend an employee, and what to think about before, during and after the suspension happens.


Your Right to Manage

As a manager you can set standards of behaviour as well as of performance, did you know? It’s difficult to change personalities and attitudes, but as a manager you’ve a right to manage behaviours for your team and your organisation. We’ll show you how.


Planning Your Disciplinary Hearing

You have been asked to chair a disciplinary hearing, don’t panic. Watch this course ten minutes before you go in; we’ll show you how to run the meeting, what you need to cover and how to do it. Phew!


Getting off the Fence

Conflicting version of events? Unsure which is most likely to reflect what actually happened? We’ll take you through the two main things you should do to make this important decision.


Deciding Your Sanction

You’ve made the important decision that your employee has committed and act of misconduct. This video will help you decide the sanction to give, if any, and the reasons why.


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