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Is this a Grievance or Gripe?

This video helps managers make the distinction between an employee gripe, or an issue that needs to be looked at in more depth. We’ll give you all the advice you need to make that difficult decision in under 5 minutes.


Do I Deal with this Formally or Informally?

A succinct and to the point overview of the options available when a grievance is raised. We delve into what going formal looks like, the key steps in the process and what best practice managers should follow.


Planning Your Grievance Hearing

You have been asked to chair a grievance meeting. We’ll tell you what you need to cover in that meeting, who should be involved and how you to cover all you need to..


Making Your Decision: Grievance

You’ve completed your grievance hearing, to a first-class standard, of course! Now you need to decide whether to uphold employee’s complaint or not. In this video we’ll walk you through how to decide the outcome of the grievance.


Constructing Your Grievance Outcome Letter

Decision made, now to communicate the outcome. We’ll show you how to move on to the next stages of the grievance process, aligned with the relevant policies and rules. We’ll guide you on what to include in your letter and how to phrase it.


Planning Your Grievance Appeal Meeting

An employee has appealed against the outcome of a grievance, you're the one making the decision. We'll take you through the steps you need to take for the perfect appeal meeting.


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