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Deciding the Remit of your Investigation

You have been asked to carry out an investigation with one or more of your employees. Where do you start? Look no further! We give you a clear picture of the things you need to look into, to make sure you keep in control of your investigation – rather than it taking control of you!.


Planning Your Investigation

You’ve got a clear picture of what you need to do. We’ll take you through how to gather your evidence, which order to conduct your interviews and how to decide which interviews are necessary to get the required evidence.


Structuring Your Investigation Interviews

Let’s get down to the actual investigating. This video will provide managers with tips on how to structure their interviews with witnesses, including how to open and close them, and a few tricks to cover the main event.


Killer Questions for Investigators

We look at the various questioning techniques and how they can be killer – in a good way! We discuss closed, open, echo, and leading questions, including when and when not to use them.


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