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Gender Inclusivity Training

Gender Inclusivity Training

What’s the challenge for your managers?

The fear of getting something wrong is a powerful barrier to creating a culture of belonging and inclusivity. And yet, it comes from a desire not to exclude.

In our Gender Inclusivity training we help your managers and team members overcome ‘the fear of getting it wrong’  by exploring why as humans, we can feel discomforted by difference, and how to overcome it.  

We include an understanding of the terminology that’s relevant, whilst building their ability to ask questions confidently and respectfully to understand their colleagues better.

And if anyone makes a genuine mistake and gets a pronoun wrong – we explore how to both say and hear ‘that’s not okay’. This means that genuine errors can be resolved quickly and effectively – and with an understanding that’s that exactly what they were.

What does Gender Inclusivity training look like?

Below we outline is a typical workshop to develop your team. We build all our training programmes bespoke, so if this isn’t exactly hitting the spot, please get in touch so we can build something that does.

Introduction and welcomeWhat are your experiences, questions or concerns regarding gender diversity? We lead the discussion to identify objectives.
What do we mean by gender diversity?An exercise exploring examples and terminology, and getting comfortable with ‘not knowing’.
How to be respectfully curious.Being confident with saying and hearing ‘that was a mistake’.

Using a case study we explore techniques to ask respectful questions and engage active listening, as well as how to deal with challenging behaviours.
Being an ally and dealing with situations that concern you.We use techniques and exercises to explore how there can be a mismatch between intention and effect.

We help your teams understanding of harassment.

A technique to help your team speak up about situations of concern.

How to nip situations in the bud and the role of our formal processes.
Action planning and key learning points.

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