Gender Inclusivity: A Guide for HR & Managers
Gender Inclusivity Guide: Gender discussions into bite sized chunks

Gender Inclusivity Guide: Gender discussions into bite sized chunks

Gender inclusivity can be a complex area to navigate for HR professionals and employees. We are lucky enough to be helping our clients steer through the complexities to build their teams knowledge and confidence in handling non-binary and transgender-associated matters in the workplace.

As a result, we’ve produced a quick fire ‘Gender Inclusivity Guide’ that does a great job in breaking this big topic down into bite-sized chunks. The guide is designed to help your team(s) describe common terms associated with non-binary and transgender, and have non-binary and transgender related conversations confidently and respectfully.

A Preview of the Guide…

You can request a copy of this guide using the form below, but here’s a preview.

How to use the Gender Inclusivity Guide

Well, time to get creative! Here’s some ideas from our team:

  • Printed for your managers desks
  • Shared as part of a Manager handbook or on your internal portal
  • As part of your eLearning or face-to-face training to allow your managers to recognise and challenge behaviours that are un-inclusive and take appropriate action.
Gender Inclusivity Training

The fear of getting something wrong is a powerful barrier to creating a culture of belonging and inclusivity. And yet, it comes from a desire not to exclude. In our Gender Inclusivity training we help your managers and team members overcome ‘the fear of getting it wrong’  by exploring why as humans, we can feel discomforted by difference, and how to overcome it. Take a look at an example course here.

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