Insights Colours: What does it mean to be red, blue, yellow or green?
Insights Colours: What does it mean to be red, blue, yellow or green?
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Insights Colours: What does it mean to be red, blue, yellow or green?

Insights Colours, or more formally known as ‘Colour Insights Discovery’ is a psychometric tool that is based on the work of Carl Jung. It was built to help people understand themselves, others and ultimately to help people to make the most of their workplace relationships.

Designed with people in mind, it is one of our favourite tools to use in our leadership training as it is useful at all levels within an organisation. If you are considering what to include in your 2024 leadership programmes, this should be up there at the top of your list.

How Do Insights Colours Work?

So, you’ll probably have heard about the four different ‘colour energies’, or you may even have seen 4 different coloured emoji’s popping up on your LinkedIn connections profiles.

These colours are affectionately known as Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green. They represent different personality preferences, attitudes and behaviours. Take a look at the diagram and you’ll probably start to recognise yourself and your colleagues in all areas of the circle.

Insights colours diagram

What does it mean to be blue, red, yellow or green?

So, what do these energies mean in practice? We spoke to Beth Armstrong, Insights Accredited trainer at Vista to understand a little bit more.

How Colour Insights Discovery Can Benefit your Organisation
Improved collaboration & team building

Insights colours help us understand ourselves and others better.  We all have different preferences and personality traits, and knowing these in depth can help your teams to be more versatile when working with others. The ultimate result? Better outcomes.

Improved communication

The style, frequency and type of communication that a person enjoys will vary dependent on preferences, so personality types.  By understanding different communication preferences, we can adjust our own communication style to ensure that needs are better met and that communication ‘lands’ better.  This exercise done well can ensure that teams are consistently clear and respectful in their communication to all employees across the business.

Overcome conflict and challenges

Conflict is often less about the substance of the conflict and more about simple difference. Staying respectfully curious (here’s our technique) about difference can help your team to diffuse conflict quickly.

Leadership, motivation and team dynamics

The greatest leaders are the ones who consider who they’re interacting with, and therefore how they need to adjust their style or the conversation they are about to have to get the best from others. We’re all motivated differently, so understanding colour energies helps leaders to appreciate these differences and therefore how best to energise and motivate their teams.

Hybrid team benefits

Do you have some people that love to WFH? Others who hate the thought of it? Hybrid working has forced people to work in environments that aren’t necessarily comfortable to them, so understanding how these changes have impacted different people, means we can appropriately adapt our ways of working to best meet these differing preferences. If you can achieve this in your hybrid team, you’ll see an increase in productivity and engagement.

How Can I Incorporate Colour Insights into my Leadership Training?

There are plenty of ways organisations can use Insights Colours in their training programmes. They can be used standalone, as part of heightening self-awareness, in an in-depth day session to thoroughly understand your own and your teams’ preferences.

It can also be part of a wider training programme, for example we incorporated it into a team connectivity session for Freedom Fibre (see how below).

So, you name it, really. If team collaboration and leadership culture are areas of your business that you are looking to improve or build upon, give Colour Insights a shot – we’re sure your teams will love it and you’ll reap the benefits.

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