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What to Do When an Employee is Off Sick with a Pending Investigation
Dismissal during Probation Period Due to Sickness
Managing Ill Health Interview
Phased Return to Work
Managing Sickness Absence - too ill to talk?
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Employment Law Update – September 2019

Welcome to the first employment law update for the Autumn season! It’s hard to believe that the Summer is over already. We hope that you are feeling refreshed and ready for the final quarter of 2019. We took a short break with our updates in August, so this month’s edition is jam packed with all…

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How to Write a Better Grievance Outcome Letter

The first rule of the grievance outcome letter: provide reasons for any findings, backed up by evidence. It is a common fear that putting too much in a grievance response could give the complainant an opportunity to pull the details apart. The actual danger is that if we don’t give reasons for our response at…

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Derecognising a Trade Union

We’re often asked by clients whether they can derecognise a trade union, when can it be done and what are the implications of derecognition. Here’s the lowdown: Firstly, what’s important to remember is that a good and healthy trade union relationship can be a real asset to a business. We are great believers in managing…

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