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Learning from Vista – On Site Training that is Covid-19 Secure

The safety and wellbeing of our delegates, their colleagues and our trainers is paramount. Here are the steps that we will take, and ask our client organisations to take, with this principle in mind:

As we design your training

Our training will continue to be as practical and participative as ever. We will design the exercises so that social distancing is maintained throughout the workshop. This means that:

  • Exercises will not require close personal contact
  • Case studies and practice exercises will be executed standing side by side rather than face to face
The training environment and tools

We will continue to take care to ensure that the training environment is conducive to learning that is long lived in our delegates’ minds.

  • Sweets and ‘fiddle kits’ will no longer be supplied. In their place we will introduce one-time use visual aids to achieve the equivalent effect.
  • Workbooks will be provided electronically for delegates/organisations to print themselves if that is preferred.
  • If you would like hard copy workbooks, we will arrange for them to be delivered directly from our printer whenever possible to minimise the number of times they are handled.

Please let us know if there are any adjustments required for any of your delegates.

On the day

We will:

  • Observe our clients’ workplace social distancing policy, including wearing a face covering if it is your policy to do so: Please tell us in advance.
  • Continue to greet our delegates personally but won’t seek to shake their hands.
  • If we are running more than one session in a day in the same room, vacate the room so that you can wipe down tables, chairs and door handles between sessions.
  • Stagger the break times in the workshop so that half the delegate group leaves the training room to use toilet facilities at a time
  • Request delegate feedback via a digital tool (Survey Monkey, or similar), rather than feedback sheets.
What we will ask you, as our client, to do:
  • Keep an up to date attendee list of the delegates attending
  • Provide a parking space for our trainer
  • Arrange the room to be cleaned if our training is not the first to be used in the working day and in between sessions
  • Provide a training room of sufficient size to enable delegates to sit comfortably with access to a table in a socially-distanced way
  • Avoid increasing the delegate group size beyond what was agreed without consulting with us in advance
  • Arrange the room in ‘cabaret-style’ or ‘classroom style’ so delegates can sit side to side rather than face to face
  • Communicate a ‘staggered’ start time and end time for the course: Please ensure the last sub-group is due to join the training room by the time we are due to start the training; and advise delegates to leave sufficient time in their diaries after the course for a staggered end time.
  • Ask delegates to bring their own lunches/snacks and drinks with them and a pen.
  • If you decide to provide our workbook electronically, ensure the delegates have devices that will be suitable for them access it during the workshop.
  • If you provide hand sanitiser elsewhere in the workplace, make it available in the training room.
  • Inform delegates that if they feel unwell, or if anyone they live with feels unwell, that they should not attend the training.
Our trainers

We will provide our trainers with the following:

A personal training kit containing:

    • hand sanitiser for their use
    • flipchart markers for their use
    • bluetak or masking tape for their use
  • Wherever possible, an overview of our client’s Covid-19 secure policy for site visitors
  • A contact number for our client and a member of the Vista team to discuss any questions about the training environment when they arrive on site.
Keeping alert

We will keep this policy under review. Updates will be published on our website.

Any questions?

Please contact our Head of Learning, Vicky Roberts, on 07717 330231 or by email: vroberts@vista-online.co.uk.


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