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Welcome to Vista’s Learning video library. Here’s our suite of videos which include; performance management training techniques for employers, Q&A’s and generally our view on the world…we hope you find them useful!

How to Run a Disciplinary Hearing Remotely

What are the things we need to think about when running a disciplinary hearing remotely? The legal requirements can be boiled down to this formula: Fair Reason + Fair Procedure + Reasonable Decision = Fair Outcome But how can we achieve this when running a hearing from home? Our Head of Learning, Vicky Roberts takes us through how in this short video.

The Digital Classroom: The Triune Brain

We use the reptilian, or Triune brain as part of our training on a variety of topics. Its a great tool to help us understand our reactions, why they happen, how they can get in the way of constructive conversations and therefore - how to better manage situations in a workplace context. We ran this digital classroom session internally with the Vista team, and we'd invite you to join in!

How to Diagnose Performance Problems when Working from Home

Here's our technique for diagnosing performance problems in your team when working remotely. It will help your managers diagnose what might be affecting the performance of their team and identify whether is it an external factor, a what, why, or a how problem. If you found this useful, take a look at our new workshops designed to help managers manage performance when their team is working remotely.

The Performance Management Cycle

This video gives you a structure to how you manage your team member’s performance. Complete each step on the journey each time you set an action plan; and at each stage of your formal procedure – and you’re well on the way to effective performance management.

Dignity at Work – Meet our Dignity Dinosaurs

Dignity at work is a complex and emotional topic and has become one of the toughest training challenges for Learning and Development professionals to tackle. We’ve developed a communication strategy using (yes) cartoon Dinosaurs. Each member of our ‘Dignity Dinosaur’ herd, who you’ll meet shortly, represents the behaviours we see regularly within organisations, and the ones that employers wish to make extinct.

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