Neurodiversity at Work - Training with Vista's Learning Experts
Neurodiversity at Work – Training from Vista

Neurodiversity at Work – Training from Vista

How can you build your managers’ confidence in managing neurodiversity at work challenges?

Managers do not need to be neurodiversity experts:  they need the skills to be ‘respectfully curious’ and have the confidence to manage neurodivergent team-members inclusively and effectively.

Our neurodiversity at work training is designed by employment lawyers and learning experts, and will:

  • Give your team a solid understanding of the way neurodivergent colleagues may experience their working environment
  • Give managers the skills to ask good quality questions to identify what’s needed in each individual case
  • Support managers in making their working environment effective and constructive for everyone

Where  a colleague’s neurodivergence is (or could be) the cause of poor performance or behaviour – we provide techniques and skills to nip situations in the bud by confident, constructive conversations:  And, if your formal processes are engaged – how to do that fairly too.

What exactly does a neurodiversity at work workshop look like?

We build all our training programmes bespoke, so that’s down to where you want the emphasis of your managers’ workshop to be. Here is an example of what a typical course could look like, but please get in touch to tailor this for your business.

Introduction and welcomeWhat are your experiences, questions or concerns about managing neurodiversity in your team?
What is neurodiversity? Are we all neurodiverse to some extent? Why managers do not need to be experts and the sheer diversity of neurodiversity. We introduce an exercise to explore examples and terminology.
Making the most of support networks and the role of Occupational Health support.We explore the support networks that may be available.
How to be respectfully curious Being confident with saying ‘I don’t know the answer yet’. We look at some case study exercises and explore techniques to ask respectful questions and engage active listening.
Adjusting the working environment for neurodiverse colleagues & the legal framework.What does ‘reasonable’ really mean – and how to ensure the adjustments are both effective and sustainable.
Planning and implementing effective action and support plans.Introduction to an action planning structure and techniques to encourage the colleague to create the solution.
Adjusting formal processes for neurodiverse colleagues.How to identify areas for adjustment and how to make adjustments.
Action planning and key learning points.

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