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Remote Working: Anxiety and Working from Home

Remote working during the Coronavirus pandemic has delivered fresh challenges for management and for employees. In this series of blogs, (more here), we are going to look at some of the key concerns that employees have raised with these new ways of working, alongside some suggested solutions if you are dealing with something similar.

Here’s one scenario…

‘I’ve never suffered with anxiety but over the last year I’ve begun to worry about everything and don’t know who to turn to.’

It is important employers are mindful of anxiety and the mixed bag of feelings and worries an employee may be going through whilst working from home.  As well as adapting home to a workspace, employees may have additional caring responsibilities and family difficulties and it is essential to offer as much support as possible in relation to any increased mental stress that an individual may be under. 

Regular meetings with a manager can be helpful so an individual knows they have a point of contact on a regular basis where they can talk about any worries they may have in relation to work and highlight any personal issues they may be finding difficult.  It’s an opportunity for them to ask for, or be offered, help from their manager or be signposted to any EAP arrangements in place or useful support organisations.

Flexibility will also be key and should be discussed to ensure that all parties are happy with the working structure.

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