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Remote Working: I Can’t Switch Off

Remote working during the Coronavirus pandemic has delivered fresh challenges for management and for employees. In this series of blogs, (more here), we look at some of the key concerns that employees have raised with these new ways of working, alongside some suggested solutions if you are dealing with something similar.

Here’s the next scenario…

‘I can’t switch off when my desk is my dining room table.’

Employers can help here by encouraging employees to have a structure and a clear boundary between work and personal time.

Be sure to be clear about priorities and expectations so that the employee is certain of the tasks they are expected to complete and by when. 

Make sure they know that there isn’t a pressure to clear the decks of everything each day and encourage them to use techniques such as making lists for the following day which will allow them to switch off at the end of each day.  Regular meetings with the employee will also help with any uncertainties they have about progress, and whether they’re performing okay.

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