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Digital Classroom

Vista’s digital classroom provides your HR teams and managers with interactive, live streamed digital learning programmes.

Our digital learning sessions are ideal for when you have employees on the road, or in different locations.

Whether adapted from our series of pre-built courses or bespoke, each session will be tailored to your team and your needs. Our employment lawyers and HR professionals use whiteboards, polls and two way conversations, alongside our re-constructions of real Vista experiences and digital learning content to make sure this learning experience sticks.

It’s a solution that ensures you can take part in practical, fun, and tailored training that feels face to face, without leaving the comfort of your desk.

To make an enquiry, please get in touch with our learning team here.

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What do our clients say?


The digital training was brilliant and pitched just right. Dignity at work is a very important topic and the timing of the session was great. Especially due to the current changing situation with remote working and the potential dangers it comes with. Feedback has been really positive, the team enjoyed the case study and how it unfolded, as it made them realise that small comments can lead to wider problems.

Vicky Coyle
Senior HR Manager UK