Managing an Influx of Flexible Working Requests after Covid-19
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How to Manage an Influx of Flexible Working Requests Post Covid-19

Back in December 2019 we spent some time looking at the legal responsibilities for employers when dealing with flexible working requests. Although this was written pre-Covid-19 pandemic, the legal framework remains the same.

We look at who can submit a request, how employers should deal with requests, refusing a request if you need too and a practical 4 step process to follow. You can read the legalities of flexible working blog here.

The Impact of Covid-19

Now, moving onto post-pandemic – lots of employers are predicting an influx of flexible working requests. Working flexibly from home has worked perfectly during the lock down, right? So why can’t it work going forwards?

As HR professionals we know the benefits of offering flexible working. If you are an employer reading this and aren’t yet convinced of those benefits, or whether it’s an approach you are able to adopt in your line of work, it might be time to start thinking more flexibly.

That said, there are some key things to think about when managing a post-Covid 19 request. So, we got together with Abayomi Alemoru, Director of Legal Practice & Investigation Services at Vista, who talks us through the process.

*Top tip: Use the ‘chapter markers’ in the video below to navigate through each section: the process of managing requests, approaching concerns, and declining a request.

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