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How to Manage a Local Lockdown: For National Employers with Multiple UK Sites
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employment law update July 2019
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Returning Employees from Furlough Leave: How to make changes to working arrangements
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Redundancy Advice for Employers: The top five questions we always get asked.
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Managing Performance during Covid19

All employers are having to react to the challenges arising from the Coronavirus outbreak. The welfare and protection of staff is paramount, coupled with the economic implications and consequent organisational changes. In particular, the advice around social distancing has resulted in many employers having to introduce measures for staff to work at home and stop…

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COVID 19 Employee Relations Employment Law

Does the present situation or new furlough arrangements avoid the need to collectively consult?
Collective consultation

Guidance on Collective Consultation (COVID19)

In this extraordinarily challenging period, most employers are having to consider what changes they need to make to protect the business and to keep going (e.g. pay cuts; reduction in working hours; imposing lay-offs). Whilst such changes may need to be made as a matter of urgency to save the business, the law nonetheless requires…

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COVID 19 Industrial Relations