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Diversity Training: Responding to the Voices that say it Doesn’t Work

There has been plenty of articles of over the years pointing out why diversity training does not work.  Whilst it’s not inevitable that it works, in our view, it’s equally not inevitable that it doesn’t either. Today we’re exploring the common objections to diversity training, and the ways in which you can design and deliver…

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Planning an Investigation: A Confidence Boosting Technique for your Managers

There are two reasons why planning an investigation before diving into questioning is important: The investigation forms the basis of a decision that is eventually made. And these can be pretty big decisions, so a quality investigation = quality decision A fair and thorough investigation will stand up to tribunal scrutiny. Many managers aren’t aware…

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Carer’s Week 2021

It is estimated that 5 million people juggle work and care in the UK, and this figure is increasing with many employees give up work to manage their caring responsibilities. It’s Carer’s Week from 7 – 13 June and many employers looking to retain carers in their workforce are considering how they can support employees…

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Redundancy Advice for Employers: The top five questions we always get asked.