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How to Avoid Discrimination in Recruitment

How to Avoid Discrimination in Recruitment

Failing to offer a candidate a position because of a protected characteristic is unlawful and amounts to direct discrimination. We don’t need to explain the reasons why it’s important for employers to have an understanding of this, but we have pulled together a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that you do avoid discrimination in…

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Occupational health report

How to Get the Best from an Occupational Health Report

Managing people when physical or mental wellbeing is a factor is best managed by teamwork. This team should be made up of HR, the employee, the employee’s manager and possibly some specialist help in the shape of Occupational Health. Bringing in Occupational Health allows us to make better, more informed decisions; so, it’s really important…

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What to Do When an Employee is Off Sick with a Pending Investigation
Dismissal during Probation Period Due to Sickness
Managing Ill Health Interview
Phased Return to Work
Managing Sickness Absence - too ill to talk?
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